SQN Capital Management, LLC (SQN) is a investment advisor registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  SQN does not provide investment advice to individuals, SQN only provides investment advisory services to the alternative investment funds that SQN also acts as an investment manager.

In its capacity as a registered investment advisor, SQN is held to a fiduciary standard with respect to the investment advisory services rendered to the managed funds.  This means that SQN owes a standard of care and a duty of loyalty to each of the funds.  SQN is prohibited from self-dealing and must disclose any conflict of interest.  The fiduciary standard is the highest standard in the financial industry and it is a continuing obligation.  The real world application of the fiduciary standard means that SQN must continuously monitor the advice given to each fund to ensure that the advice is still appropriate for each fund.

Following the correlation of the furnished advice to the intended benefit to a fund, SQN’s interests may be characterized as being aligned with each fund’s respective investors.  SQN furnishes advice that is in the best interests of a fund and in turn the net benefit to the fund is realized by the investor’s of that fund.

A copy of SQN’s Form ADV Part II may be obtained by clicking on the link below:

Form ADV Part 2 dated March 31, 2015

Additional information may be found via the SEC’s website: